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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

sex drugs and disco balls

we decided on our production name to be Bjcy as it combines all the first initials of our groups names.

our chosen grene is feel good chick flicks.
 the steriotype of our main charctor is a very quirky nerdy girl who thinks shes realy cool and espires to be a inventor, we have decided to name her chandler.

 we all realy liked the idea of chandler falling out of bed, falling off her bike and being just a genral dopey kind of charactor we also thought the idea of her being bullied as soon as she gets to school but her havin sucjh a cool aprotch to it as if she doesnt have a clue everyone is laughing at her.

for being bullied we had ideas such as having a bucket shoved on her head, going up to the BFF babes as if shes one of the crew and they aresarkastic with her but chandler thinks they are being seriouse and she is right in ther with the poppluar girls

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