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Monday, 9 May 2011

evaluation 7

Looking back at my preliminary task (the continuity editing task).what do i feel I have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

From doing the prelimary task I have learnt about the 180 degreee rule. I now know that when filming a converstation or somone entering a room you must not cross the 180 degree line if for example if you do so the converstation you are filming will be made unclear as  to who they are talking to and won"t make any sense if you keep changing what side of them you are on.

From doing this exersize it has really helped us understand that when editing how somthing as smple as this could make the film very confusing and not show the conversation we were hoping for and instead just showing two people talking into mid air.

evaluation 6

I am now able to edit footage, add in sound effects, titles and production logos, I can also add in back ground music and decide on the volume of the voices from footage against the music. I also used garage band to create our sound track, for this I created a background beat using real drums on a live record and then adding in some of the ambient noises and artificial beats already for use. I then came up with some lyrics that tell the story of our film and rapped over the tune with some lyrics I had come up with, after that to make it seem a bit more girly and funnyI changed the pitch of my voice slightly and then exported my song to itunes ready to put onto the film. here is a picture of garage band with all the sounds in place.

Before this project I didn't have a youtube account now I have  made one under the name supermediakids and uploaded the final cut with anotatins for our media film.

evaluation 4

Who would be the target audience for my film?

As our film is a chick flick the ideal audience would be teenage girls, our teenage girl would probably shop in places like Topshop, River Island, Cult etc.They would probably listen to current chart music and watch reality TV such as X factor and probably the soaps like east enders. Our girl would not particualy be model material and popular like the girls you see in the film but I think mostly a little bit of an oucast themselves and find it hard to get boys to like them and fit in with all the cool kids, with the plot of our film being about a loser girl trying to fit in with the popular girls I believe girls of this type would enjoy this film as they would be able to relate to the main character Chandler but also feel better about themselves as they are not as bad as she is. Here is a picture of what the average kind of girl that would veiew our film.

evalutation 5

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Evaluation 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The production company our group came up with is BJuicy productions ,we came up with this by combining our groups first initials and then adding a couple of extra letters to create bjuicy. The production company we created works well with the genre of our film because a slang definition of the word juicy would be to describe a young girl with high sex appeal, fresh skin and a shapely figure. Universally these are evidently the sterioypical girls often seen in chick flicks, therefore I think our choice of bjuicy has been a success.

A production company plays the role of designing, creating and then producing a type of media product, for example a media film. Production companys don't always have to produce, they are also associated in television, performing arts and the radio.

A distributor is somone who sells a media product to a retailer. A retailer then sells the product to the  end customers. I think our film would be funded by paramount pictures or maybe universal, I say this because a lot of the chick flicks I viewed had these production company's.

evaluation 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The character i have decided to compare how my media product represents a particular social group is Yazmin Stageman who plays Brooke, to Alicia Silvrstone who plays cher in clueless. Brooke and Cher are both girly girls who are most popular in school and every other girl wants to be them however being a girly girl you dont always have to be dressed in pink as you can see Cher and Brooke are both waering a mix of dark and light colours. Also they both had there hair down and waering skirts. Girly girls in films are typically recognised as ditsy blonds who only care about what people think of them, the boys and shopping.

Evaluation 1

This is the production company we came up with for our film. Our film is a chick flick so we chose the colours pink and white against the black as we thought it gave our logo a more professional and girly feel to it. the font and style of our logo starts with a handwriting font, then fades to a more sophisticated and professional Hiragino Sans font. I think this logo works very well with the genre of our film however it would have been even better if we could have created an animated version as well as most films have the animated logo for example pixar, dreamworks, 24th centry fox. 

After our production company has shown it fades straight into the film with the main character Chandler falling out of bed. the setting in this shot was fine although  i think the lighting lets us down as it is quite hard to see what is going on and doesn't realy make a very good first impression on the audience. Costume i feel was fairly succesfull for the bedroom scene as we wanted Chandler to look a little 'loserish', and with a matching p'jamer set this works quite well however i think it would have been more comical if she was wearing a barabie nighty or somthing more childish. Personally I dont think the charactor was introduced  very well in this shot as with our film being a chickflick, and wanting to really make a point that chandler is not cool at all! This doesn't really have that effect I wanted I feel a reaction more suiteable for our story line would have been a 'wow this girl is such a loser' and with this as the very opening doesn't do that. However I do think if we had improved the lighting it could have had a more dramatic opening shot as you would maybe of been able to see her fall out of the bed a lot clearer. 

camera work and editing  worked well in this shot because the sountrack has a strike in the music at the same time the curtans are striked as well, this  I feel was quite effective, and with the artificial light and natural light now being exposed the lighting is a lot better to the first shot where you could not really see anything.

the setting/location for this particular shot where Chandler is hopping past the camera in an attempt to put her socks on works well i feel this is because you can see the girly colours but its very simple and theres not too much going on, I also think the titles are in a suitable place against the pink wall. The location I think supports our genre very well as the pinks and whites are very girly and suitable for our chick flick.

This shot i think works quite well as is adds comedy with her falling down the stairs, although the lighting is very grundgy and does look very peppy and click flicky. I think if we were to puts some lights on the artifcial light it may have made it look a lot more happy and possibly changing the light could change the audiences attitude to her falling down and found it slightly more humorous. Bex chose her own costume as she was playing the part of Chandler, I think she did a good job she looks very querky and stupid.

I like this shot becouse a few frames after we see her inner tyre coming out from the wheel and see her stopping to blow it back up again, and in this shot your able to see the bike looks fine which i think makes it slightly more funny. 

This shot shows more of the story line of our film. the cereal bowl was somthing we realy wanted our film to be remeberd for it was  highlight of our film, and was originaly decided on to show what kind of personality Chandler has. Again the lighting I think looks quite boring and to me doesn't have a feel good essence to it but however that isnt somting we could have realy changed as we had been checking the weather forcast and that was the best day we had for a few weeks, we did consider changing the lightin effects on the mac when editing but this would have been a tricky process with all the different cuts so we left it as it was filmed. 

The use of camera and editing in this shot i really like because its different and is a change from just seeing the charactor constantly where as now we are aware of her being present on the bike but you are only able to see the wheeling disturbing the puddle. 

costume and props worked well in this shot I feel as you are able to see Brooke and Baily are of a much higher status without having to have chandler stood next to them to compare. As none of us can drive yet we had to add in a sound effect of a car beeping and pretend with just normal house keys we were locking up. The location in this shot I think is obvious after seeing chandler on her travels that we have arrived in the school car park.

we have the title of the film appear at the end of our opening sequence, we orginaly had it at the begining but we deiced we didn't like it there as it looked like too much was going on with having it straight after our production logo. Also some of the film openings we have anyalised before didn't always have the title right at the begining so we tryed it here and felt it worked much better. The font and colour I think works quite well as its girly and querky just like we wanted our film to be.

Monday, 4 April 2011

continuity task

Match on action.
Match on action is where you put two diffrent clips together following the same movement. It can be quite difficult to edit as you have to make sure the match is perfect otherwise you will have the door opening twice.

Shot Reverse shot.
This kind of edit can be used to show a conversation/ interaction between two characters. It allows you to see who the characters are speaking to. to make sure this is used effectively the editing has to be done in exactly the correct places to show to conversation properly

jess filmed the continuity task and then yaz and i edited.


story board

what went well? ....and what went bad?

I think our over all story is finally coming together and has captured some humerous moments like we wished for

The soundtrack was good because it tells the story of the begining of our film, I just don't know if I like it with the film because of it looking like a music video.

The titles are better now because they say everyones role underneath each title rather than having our names repeated throughout  all the film.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

job roles

Job roles

Prdirected by:
Camilla Gill
Jess Oxley
Yasmin Stageman
Rebecca Reynolds

Produced By:
Yasmin Stageman

Camilla Gill
Bex Reynolds

Jess Oxley

Jess Oxley

Bex Reynolds

Camilla Gill

Rebecca Reynolds
Yasmin Stageman
Camilla Gill

Monday, 31 January 2011

sound track for our film opening by camilla and bex

its the morning and im ready to go
check me out im real sexy yo yo

baily and brooke aint got nothing on me
and when i roll past the boys they all fall for me

oo living life as me
oo living life so dangerously

i got my breakfats bowk and i ready to roll
ah dude its such a beautifull day
as i cruis past the neighbours they all wave and say hay

but bitches at school they be hating on me
i think its coz they just cant see
how god dam hot i can be

my name is C to the H to the A N D then L E R quick call the L P D  yo

oo makeing noises
and making choices
i cnat do this
i might loose it

check it one two three
just look at you and me
we're cruising down the streets on our 50cc
a sitting and a listening on our mp3s
so bow bitch and get down on your knees

Monday, 10 January 2011


Scene 1
Chandler is asleep in bed she rolls over and falls out of her bed. She gets up and puts a cd in the stereo. there is a close up of the CD used. Chandler is dancing in her room whilst singing and listening Aqaua Barbie girl.We see mid shots, high angle shots and low angle shots to see every point of view of her dancing. Chandler is dancing in her pajamas. 

CHANDLER: I'm a barbie girl in a barbie world. Life in plastic, its fantastic.

The camera cuts again to a mid shot and Chandler hops across the screen as she attempts to put on her socks. She then hops the other was as she puts the other sock on. The camera remains where it is as it waits for her to cross the screen again.
The camera cuts again to another point in the bedroom, still focusing on chandler. This time she is pulling on a jumper over her t-shirt. She is having difficulty. Barbie Girl remains to play.
Another mid shot of chandler as she does the button up on her trousers. She is stood by the bed post which has a scarf placed on it. Once the button is done up there is a close up of the bed post as Chandlers had grabs the scarf. Its quick. Another close up of Chandlers neck as the scarf is wrapped around. Chandler positions herself infront of the mirror again as she holds up earings to see what they'd look like. Her head is bobbing in time to the music.

CHANDLER: You can touch you can play if you say im always yours

Chandler is looking in the mirror the camera is above her shoulder so we can see her refelction. she is tightly squeezes a hairbrush and sings into it. Chandler falls on the floor very dramatically, knocking over things in her room while she falls. 

CHANDLER: OH! fiddlesticks!

 Chandler see's her watch and realizes she is late for school, we see an extreme close up of her watch. As this happens her dad appears at her bedroom door whilst holding her barbie lunch box. there is a point of view shot used between chandler and Edward.

EDWARD: Come on barbie lets go party

Chandler then runs out of her bedroom into the kitchen a tracking shot of to get some cereal and milk to refill her breakfast bike.

  SARA: Oh darling you look positively radiant. Don't  let anyone tell you otherwise

 Chandler leaves her house catching her cardigan in the door as she walks her cardigan rips off. Chandler begins to put on her protective gear and fills up her breakfast bike and puts on her rucksack. As she gets on her bike Ridin Dirty begins to play. The screen pauses and as 'they see me rolling' begins to play we are bought back to Chandler who is riding her bike. This is slow motion and chandler is trying to be sexy. Still in slow motion Chandler pours the cereal into the bowl strapped to the front of her bike, she does this using over exaggerated movements. Chandler now pours the milk ontop, again with big movements. She whips out a spoon from behind her ear and goes to take a mouthful.
The camera uses a tracking shot  follow Chandler on her way to school. Chandler arrives at school as the popular girls are getting out of there car. Ridin dirty is still playing in the background as the popular girls pull up the music is no longer in the background and is being played in their car radio this turns off as the girls get out of the car. all three girls are walking along and swish their hair at the same time

CHANDLER: Oh hey gurrls you look super nice hot today!!

The "BFF BBZ" both look at each other

 Brooke: oh hey bbz you look so good today you should  totally ask out Brad he would toally say yes.

Brad is the school heartthrob. As Brooke is talking to Chandler Bailey pushes chandler into Alan Smithe, the school geek as he walks past.

ALAN SMITHE: oh! (alan laughs nervously trying not to make eye contact) Hey you look really nice today! 

CHANDLER: EWWW, ALAN SMITHE! I'm like way out of your league. people cant see us speaking.


Alan gets very flustered and walks/runs off. Chandler walks into school completely oblivious that she is the geek. As she is walking into school the credits appear.

production logo

 this version of bjcy is my favarote, i think the pink against black gives it a more edgy look and looks slightly more professional.