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Monday, 4 April 2011

continuity task

Match on action.
Match on action is where you put two diffrent clips together following the same movement. It can be quite difficult to edit as you have to make sure the match is perfect otherwise you will have the door opening twice.

Shot Reverse shot.
This kind of edit can be used to show a conversation/ interaction between two characters. It allows you to see who the characters are speaking to. to make sure this is used effectively the editing has to be done in exactly the correct places to show to conversation properly

jess filmed the continuity task and then yaz and i edited.


story board

what went well? ....and what went bad?

I think our over all story is finally coming together and has captured some humerous moments like we wished for

The soundtrack was good because it tells the story of the begining of our film, I just don't know if I like it with the film because of it looking like a music video.

The titles are better now because they say everyones role underneath each title rather than having our names repeated throughout  all the film.