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Thursday, 16 September 2010


The film starts with John the main character in an army scene being pulled up against the wall by his friend as he has just been shot, you hear his voice over the top explain the first and last thing to enter his head before he blacked out. The scene then dramatically changes to a long empty beach with John surfing. The view then changes to him being on the peer surrounded by a few people and you hear a girls voice  his head turns towards her direction and he sees her bag get knocked into the sea. As her friend  goes running down the peer to try and go get it for her he jumps off the peer and saves her bag. The opening is good as boy meets girl straight away and in such a charming manner, you can tell the rest of the film is going to be full of love and and be sweet but there is a still apart of you that can see it will be a sad story.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


The movie opens with black and white colours and an establishing shot of a very large group of men all with big fire sticks charging towards somewhere. You then see them all charge through a huge gate into the property of a very big house. The scene then changes to a glimpse of a mad professors lab in which he has just managed to create something, someone? I think the opening is clever in the fact the colours black and white have been chosen as it adds to the effect of it being mysterious and scary however even though the opening of the film was full of people running and with big sticks of fire and a very mad professor it seemed fairly boring and wasn't very scary.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


The film starts with neon lights flying across the page and the voice over of a news reporter talking about a serial killer that kills teenagers in very grotesque ways, the voice then dims down and spooky music takes over giving you goose bumps before the films even started. You are then taken to a dinner and find a young girl cleaning up she then goes to turn the light off to finish up in the diner and gets a strange phone call in which no voices are heard only strange noises, she hang up and the camera view changes to you looking threw her eyes as a sudden loud noise is heard and you are left with one of the lights moving in the air.

Monday, 13 September 2010


The film starts off with glum music which takes you to a medium close up of Will Smith on the phone asking for an ambulance in need of a suicide he then finishes his sentence with him self begin the victim. The screen then changes to him swimming in the sea and you are underneath him and you hear his voice talking about how the number seven appears in a few events.


The opening of Top Gun starts with calm music preparing for the planes to set off then as soon as the engines starts the music changes immediately to motivating exciting music that really gears you up for the rest of the film, it is definitely one of my favorite openings as is gives you a definite taste for what your in for for the remainder of the film.


The opening of Salt jumps straight into Angelina Jolie almost being tortured in a dark dungeon like space with her hands and legs tied and is wriggling uncomfortably on the floor trying to explain she is not a Russian spy, she is dressed in her underwear with bruises and blood all over her body, it then quickly changes to her being let go and given over to her 'own people'. The opening of this film I find very effective as you are immediately taken to the drama of the film and are left on the edge of your seat excited to know exactly why she was there and whether or not she is in-fact a russian spy? 


The film starts with snow falling to the ground on a pure white iced over cliff and a squirrel trying to burry his acorn and finding it very difficult. Finally he manages to get the acorn stuck in the ground but a huge misfortune happens and the cliff starts to crack. The camera follows the crack all the way to the edge of the cliffs and all of a sudden the squirrel falls through holding on to his acorn for dear life and soon ends up flat on his face on some mud the camera then changes view and you see all the ice age animals marching away. The opening of this film is good as it is very comical but gets slightly boring as it drags on for a little while.