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Thursday, 16 September 2010


The film starts with John the main character in an army scene being pulled up against the wall by his friend as he has just been shot, you hear his voice over the top explain the first and last thing to enter his head before he blacked out. The scene then dramatically changes to a long empty beach with John surfing. The view then changes to him being on the peer surrounded by a few people and you hear a girls voice  his head turns towards her direction and he sees her bag get knocked into the sea. As her friend  goes running down the peer to try and go get it for her he jumps off the peer and saves her bag. The opening is good as boy meets girl straight away and in such a charming manner, you can tell the rest of the film is going to be full of love and and be sweet but there is a still apart of you that can see it will be a sad story.

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