Monday, 9 May 2011

evaluation 6

I am now able to edit footage, add in sound effects, titles and production logos, I can also add in back ground music and decide on the volume of the voices from footage against the music. I also used garage band to create our sound track, for this I created a background beat using real drums on a live record and then adding in some of the ambient noises and artificial beats already for use. I then came up with some lyrics that tell the story of our film and rapped over the tune with some lyrics I had come up with, after that to make it seem a bit more girly and funnyI changed the pitch of my voice slightly and then exported my song to itunes ready to put onto the film. here is a picture of garage band with all the sounds in place.

Before this project I didn't have a youtube account now I have  made one under the name supermediakids and uploaded the final cut with anotatins for our media film.

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