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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Film openings of my chosen genre.

The three film openings I watched where What A Girl Wants, Freaky Friday and Beauty Shop.

The opening of What A Girl Wants follows a paper butterfly up high all around a computerized city with really heart warming up beat music and introduces all the key characters.

The Beauty Shop starts with some old school rock and a radio presenter talking over the top as you are given a tour over the town with a birds eye view.

I have decided to write about Freaky Friday as out of the three I like it the best because there is so much going on and you are instantly introduced to the key characters and what their relationships with each other are and what type of personalties they have.

Freaky Friday starts off with very mellow happy music going through family photos of the main characters within the movie, the title is then introduced in calligraphy written on a cream back ground and is drawn on the the screen.

You are then taken to a view of the house and taken inside to a view of a teenage girl asleep in bed next to her alarm clock reading 5:59 am.

The alarm clock signals 6:am and the teen slams her hand on the snooze button and the calm music instantly changes to very upbeat rock music.

Anna's (the teenage girl) mum comes in to get her up out of bed but Anna being a your typical teenager digs her head into the pillow and refuses. Straight away you are given a sense of what you will be in for during the remainder of the film. It made me feel very amused and warm inside as I think my self and most people are able to relate to what is going on.

The shot changes to the mother sat in front of her bed cross legged meditating giving you a rigid idea of her being a control freak.

You then see her go back into Anna's room shaking her trying to get her up again, you are then quickly taken back to the control freak idea as you watch Anna's mum her pick up at least 5 different electronic devices and place them in her purse, she then turns around to fill her sons glass back up and wipe his mouth clean bearing in mind the boy looks about 12 years of age!

Anna's still in bed and as she holds on tightly to her headboard her mother try's pulling her legs to get her out of bed. This made me feel very warm and made me laugh because it really is a real life situation and being a teenager myself gives me a little insight to what I'm like and what my mum must go through. This creates an even bigger rebellion image and she is still refusing to get out of bed.

This is followed by Anna's younger brother coming in with a horn and  holding it to her head and blasting her with noise. This already shows the type of relationships and personality all three characters have within the first couple of minutes of the film. As Anna chases him out of her room she slams the door in the cameras face and you are able to read the words 'parental advisory keep out of my room' on a sign filling the screen, which is then suddenly opened again with anna ready for school dressed in a black and red top with a black chocker and thick bracelet. So the whole build up of her being rebellious is then revealed as she's dressed as a punk.

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