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Thursday, 4 November 2010


  • Columbia presents Sony pictures entertainment
  • In association with SKA films
  • A Matthew Vaughn production
  • A Guy Richie film
The film starts off with a shot of the back of a mans head, you are then taken over his shoulder to a shot of two men facing him with a commentary from one of the men about who those two characters are and their names. Suddenly the music changes to a very  greek  sound. You see on CCTV cameras some arabs going through security on the different CCTV cameras you are given key actors names aka Brad Pitt.
They all move through into a lift and end up walking down a corridor into some kind of room that is under high security, suddenly the Arabs rip their clothes off grab their guns and create havoc, you ate then taken to a shot of someone stealing diamonds.
Then the shot  shows them getting rid of all their disguises in the back of a van and you see one of the characters holding a huge diamond. The shot freezes and drops down to the diamond so that it fills the whole screen and the title Snatch comes up

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