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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

what have i learnt?

i have wahtced 3 different chick flicks and looked for similarities in all of them and things i think i would like to include in my opeing from this i have learnt that chick flicks all usually have very upbeat feel good music very close to the opening sequence of the film. all the the opening i viewed introduced the main character at the very beginning. Some chick flicks also take you on a small jounry of the main characors life in the begging and thn stop at the age they are for the remainder of the film, whitch can tel a bit of a storey about what the charactor persanality is and how what kind of charicator they wil be for the rest of the movie. i hve also noticed most chicks flicks main charactor is a girl and will have a boy best friend of love intrest, iv also found there is uaualy an 'IT' boy who the main girl will have a crush on.

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