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Wednesday, 8 December 2010



We decided we liked the whole 'nerd' steriotype and decided to go with a look along those lines, we like the girls hair in the picture above so we have decided to have our charactor chandler in the same/similar style.

the clothing choice for chandler is going to be very loud and make her stand out from the crowd, however not in a particualy good way. the tops and trousers etc are all going to clash with each other. this is going to express what her personality is like straight away as you will be able to see how outragouse and nerdy she is without realising infact she is a total loser.

apart of our opening sequence will include chandler on a bike. we had the idea that an old fashioned 'granny'  bike with a basket on the front for her bag and something that most people really wouldnt want to be seen on


due to the steriotype of cahndler we wanted to make sure the music works in to our advantage and make her look very confident in her own mind but to everyone els look liek a total looser the differnt songs we thought would be good for our film include:

barbie girl- aqua
ridin' dirty- chamilionair
hit me baby one more time- britney spears


we decdied a country setting would be nice to start our film with, so that when chandler is riding her bike everywhere country lanes and feilds would be a perfect setting for her.

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